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May 28, 2012 3:05am EDT
to allow and still continue to develop its resources. the united states would receive, in that area, summer between 12.5% and 18.75% in royalties. the problem is, under article 82, it would require the u.s. to give an aggregated. time -- period of time. if we take the with the task force said, and take one trillion dollars, it would be paid as opposed to united states. of course, it would go to the organization that would make it for redistribution to the developing world. this is the first time that an international organization, the un, would have a taxing authority over this country. i've heard the details are doing this. i think there was discussed by one of the members here. it's really not too important to discuss that, because there are two entities. yet the 36-member council. december that makes all these decisions. the point is, under article 160, -- under article 82, the payments and contributions shall be made annually at a site after this. time. we're saying is, it will be paid regardless of where eating it should go. the second thing out to cover is the environmental and. for 1
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1